Legacy of Poverty and How To Change Your stinking Thinking






                         Legacy of Poverty and How

                   To Change Your Stinking Thinking


While I was an undergrad at South Arkansas University, in Magnolia, AR., I conducted my psychological research on, “Why We Fall In Love With Who Do”. In the yearlong research, I found that our beliefs about our relationships and why we choose to fall for some and not others, is learned from our parents interacted with one another, which became the blue print of what we expect from a relationship. Our spending habits, also learned from our parents, is more about the beliefs and behaviors of spending habits of how they utilized the resources they have. If your parents lived paycheck to paycheck, in most cases, so would their children. Regardless of wealth or poverty, our beliefs about how we save for a rainy day, or cash runs through our hands like sand from the beach, is a learned behavior; which you can unlearn, if you are smart enough and brave enough to step out of your comfort zone. Unless, the parents decided they wanted a better life for their children, and decided to break the generational cycle, by learning new financial skills to pass down to their lineage, the next generation would likely pass along the same spending habits they learned from their parents.


If the parents, paid bills and bought groceries first, then bought what the kids needed, as many families do, they will find themselves never having enough month, at the end of the money. If, by chance they learn new skills, like cutting back on buying things you don’t need, you can’t afford, or frivolous things that end up in a drawer or the bottom of a toy box, and usually break, it will be hard to get ahead.


Robert Kiyosaki, says to pay yourself 10% first. This sounds lubricous to people who cannot afford to waste a dollar, but the reasoning behind it is very simple. If you start a savings account with the 10% saved, when something breaks, or there is a job loss, or some other catastrophe, as life gives us many times, you will have money set aside to counteract these costs, or the majority of them, and you will not have to take out a loan, nor put it on credit, where you have to pay for it two to three times over; nor will you have to borrow from a Payday Loan service. You do not see Payday Loan services in wealthy neighborhoods, waiting like vulchers for your bad luck.


Most of our spending is over spending at the grocery store. My suggestion is to cut back on junk and buying prepackaged items. Cook dinners in a crockpot or make leftovers your family can eat on during the week. Make up small healthy packages of fruit, vegetables, and healthy snacks, that are readily accessible; that is usually what people grab from the kitchen, something quick and simple.


If you see something you just can’t live without, sell something from around the house you have not used in a while, and you no longer want (don’t sell other families things without their permission :).  You can have a garage sale, pick up extra work, or turn your hobby and the things you create into a part time business.  David Drews, from Renegade University and Financial Independence has a list of ways to make extra money. You can find his suggestions at http://www.mastermind-university.com/quick-cash-ideas_ways-to-make-money.php

Some other financial tips are at http://www.pinterest.com/conniesmiles/money-thoughts/


How we let things go, how we do not set healthy boundaries, how we spend our money, how we are afraid to fail, and we are afraid of rejection, all stems from three beliefs we have of ourselves.

  • We are afraid of failure. If we try, we may fail, so you don’t try to follow things through, living a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • We are afraid of rejection. No one will want me or accept me if they truly knew who I am. The right people who are meant to be in your life, will love you and accept you the way you are. “Do not let the opinions of others, define who you are”! Connie Lee
  • We feel unworthy. People in your life may have continually put you down to make themselves feel better, which is a psychological term called, “Leveling”.. That has nothing to do with you, and says everything about who they are. Be proud of who you are. You are loved, accepted, and you are very worthy! You may lose a few friends, but you have to surround yourself with people who are on the same mission as you are, or like-minded people.






Now, that you have insight on how to save money and change your limiting beliefs, I know you can live a more abundant life. “Every needless expenditure we make, takes away from our dreams”. Connie Lee. Good luck and I wish you much success.


Connie Lee

B.S. in Psychology



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Be More Productive, Focus With Clarity, and Feel More Confident




“Be more productive, focus with clarity, and feel more confident”


Let’s face it, most of us are stressed out and carry a lot of tension in our necks and shoulders, especially if you bend your neck over a smartphone, IPAD, IPhone, or a computer, while engaging in social media.  You may think you do not have time to relax, but I will show you some destressing tips you can use, right where you are, and in just a few minutes a day.


Stress is inevitable in our everyday life, but we can learn to manage the stress better and learn how to effectively react to our stressful situations. Things happen in our lives that we cannot avoid and we have to deal with them;


  • Regrets

  • Getting stuck in traffic and/or being late for some reason

  • Procrastinating

  • Always thinking of the negative outcomes

  • Too much time on social media and not effectively managing your time

  • Disorganization

  • Debt or lack of Money Management

  • And a host of everyday life events, we have to confront

While we can’t undo regrets, we can apologize where we need to, and go one step farther by asking, “What can I do account for my mistake”. For we all fail, but it what you do after that, which determines your success or failure.

Procrastination is a habit you can slowly turn around with a few steps each day. We put off writing a book, going on our great adventure, visiting friends and family, and so on, because we believe we can do it later. Later never comes, and before you know it, you are older, maybe wiser, less energetic, too many irons in the fire, and many more excuses on why you haven’t become or done what you had hoped to accomplish. Every time we say we are going to accomplish something and do not, it eats away at our self-esteem, and we feel less confident about who we are and what we can accomplish. Stop making excuses and start making a plan for what you want in life. Don’t have the money? Sell something; get a loan; ask for someone to invest in you and your project who believes in your work; get an extra/part time job for a season to gain startup capital; or trade for something you need. To get yourself to work on time, try laying your clothes out the night before, to allow yourself a few more minutes to fix your hair, to fight traffic, or to drop off the kids.

If you are always thinking negatively, you need to stop right now. The mind is more powerful than you ever imagined. Did you hear the story recently, of the young mother who thought she was pregnant with quintuplets, only to find out in the delivery, she was not pregnant at all (http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2014/03/24/woman-has-phantom-pregnancy-with-quintuplets/)? The mind is very powerful and it reacts to your thoughts, whether real or assumed in the same manner of neurological responses. Over time you can develop hypertension with continual increased heart rate; continual cortisol increase will cause belly fat; increase stress can cause digestive issues, headaches, insomnia. When you don’t sleep well, your cells, which rejuvenate at night to help you build your immune system, will weaken, causing illnesses, inflammation, and depression from pain and exhaustion. Getting 6-8 hours of sleep is a necessity and not just a luxury. When you are constantly tired and do not feel well, your self-esteem and confidence suffers, which makes it hard to handle conflicts effectively.


My parents did not teach me about effective money management. I had to learn those skills by reading as I became older. Like most of us, my money habits, I learned from my parents. To eliminate debt, I began to use more cash and not put a lot on credit. I began to pay myself first, 10% of my earnings. You will always have bills, or one more thing you want to buy, but it is critical to start saving, even if it is just five dollars a week. When you have money saved, you will not have to borrow, or put something on credit, which you pay two or three times more in interest, when something breaks down. You can always sell something on EBAY, have a yard sale, sell to a pawn shop, pick up extra work, sell products online, and many more home based jobs to get extra money. If you know there is something you would like to buy, use one of the methods above, rather than continually take the money from your account, which you can’t afford to lose. Because once the money is gone, it is not coming back.


To confidently handle everyday stressors, I had to learn to distress with a few short methods and exercises, you can do in minutes, each day.

       http://youtu.be/g-jSBBwr8Ko  Qi Gong: 7 Minutes of Magic      (for Health)


  • Take a few Quiet moments throughout the day to close your eyes, and think of the happiest time in your life, and take yourself to that moment; relish the time, and savor the sights, sounds, and smells.

  • Take a few moments to yourself, because if you don’t, you cannot effectively give your time to others.

  • Find a partner to confide in. People with partners who support them and love them, tend to live longer, happier lives. Stress turned inward can create a myriad of health issues.

  • If you sit in front of a computer, IPAD, or smart phone, with your neck lowered every day, I have included some exercises to ease the tension and build the small muscles in your neck, which will ease the tension and may help with the headaches associated with keeping your neck at an angle.

       Below are some exercises to strengthen your neck muscles and to relieve tension. I hope this helps. Namaste


Connie Lee