Shattering The Silence Tour and Documentary Project




 I have been across the country and Canada, teaching communities, through free conferences, about the warning signs, solutions, and who to call if they suspect child abuse and human trafficking. Prevention and education are vital to our communities who would prefer to believe this does not happen in our community, and especially in our home; when we clearly know it does. Educating the parents, grandparents, and community is key. I am trained in Good Touch Bad Touch but feel like you do, that the burden should not be on the child. What this does is create awareness with them, where they have been taught in their home, that the sexual abuse is “normal” or a “game”, when it is not. We teach them to tell until someone listens, especially since most abuse happens from someone of close proximity. Adults from across the nation, rather they are young or old, still have two haunting questions, despite the trauma they endure, and they are, “Why did someone not believe me and protect me” and “Why did someone not stand up for me and say something’?
Until, we can break this multi-generational cycle of abuse, we will forever be failing our children, and selling out their future peace and happiness. It saddens me that while we work our hearts out to teach and to serve, we are still living in a culture which subjugates and sells women and children, while good people sit by in indifference and do nothing through the silence.