Connie Lee/Founder/President/FACSAFoundation.org  

Our hope is to educate communities on prevention of child abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking. For it is important now, to teach the educators, first responders, judges, attorney’s, on how better to represent survivor’s, and to give survivor’s the tools they need to fight this multi-generational epidemic.  Together, we will create a paradigm shift for mental health, sexual assault, and human trafficking prevention. In doing so, we will have made safer environments for children to live and fulfill their dreams.






We have just embarked upon a new year 2016. You have each day to challenge yourself to fulfill your dreams and to make this the best year you can make it. We have started off with some great projects, which we need your help with, and that I hope you will join us on this journey as well.

We have a video project asking survivors of child sexual assault and human trafficking to:

1) share on paper or white foam board, the secret that has you riddled with guilt shame, fear, and degradation for so long.

I have posted mine to give you an example. By sharing your story, you will inspire others to share theirs and to help them heal. We have kept the silence too long. This has protected the perpetrator and all those around the one who raped and sodomized us as a child. This traumatic event has affected every aspect of our lives and we cannot fully heal until we let go of the secrets.

It’s Time! You are no longer alone! Please show your support for others and support them on this courageous step. By speaking up, you take the power away from the perpetrator, and the secrets we were forced to hold in silence will tumble like a house of cards. Your voice is more powerful than you think! You matter more than you know! Today we stand together to say “No More Silence!” “This Is Not Our Generation!” Today, we will not stand by in indifference and say nothing, or stand idly by and do nothing. We will do what we should have been doing all along; Believing our children, Standing Up For Our Children; and Fighting For Our Children!!

Please send your videos, wherever you are from, to facsasavethechildren@hotmail.com

We need help promoting this event and will need volunteers at the University of Florida, Saturday, April 23, 2016, from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., in the William and Nancy Oliver Gallery Room. There we will exhibit other art, videos, music, dance, poetry, theatrics, etc.

I consider, “Child Sexual Assault The Last Great Frontier” and Together, we are a mighty force which will make great change this year!

Thank you for joining us and the FACSA Foundation Revolution!

Connie Lee/FACSAFoundation.org/President/Founder


318.540.4464    https://youtu.be/-2qYGSiMZYU


2) The second video project:

1) PLEASE SEND YOUR STORY, FROM WHEREVER YOU ARE, TO facasasavethechildren@hotmail.com.

We will be gathering stories to share at the William and Nancy Oliver Gallery Saturday, April 23rd with show times of 9am – 6pm, University of South Florida

One story has power and stands tall, like a domino, but as we align together, we gain momentum, and become an indomitable force!

Connie Lee/Founder/President/FACSAFoundation.org




3) We are taking the two Facebook petitions we have listed below on a national stage. We have requested ambassadors in all 50 states to join us, gather petitions signatures, volunteers, and help us collaborate to pass these bills in each state, collaborating with those who may be working on the same project.

We have a lot to do. I will be posting an organized list of who to reach in each state. Thank you for your help.


To help with signatures you can download the petition and pass it around your community and state, email it to a friend, share it with your social club, or on your social network. I will provide a sample letter to reach out to your local representative.

Thank you.

Connie Lee/Founder/President/FACSAFoundation.org



I look forward to working with you and meeting you. Talk to you soon.










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