Connie Lee/Founder/President/FACSAFoundation.org  

Our hope is to educate communities on prevention of child abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking. For it is important now, to teach the educators, first responders, judges, attorney’s, on how better to represent survivor’s, and to give survivor’s the tools they need to fight this multi-generational epidemic.  Together, we will create a paradigm shift for mental health, sexual assault, and human trafficking prevention. In doing so, we will have made safer environments for children to live and fulfill their dreams.






We have just embarked upon a new year 2016. You have each day to challenge yourself to fulfill your dreams and to make this the best year you can make it. We have started off with some great projects, which we need your help with, and that I hope you will join us on this journey as well.

We have a video project asking survivors of child sexual assault and human trafficking to:

1) share on paper or white foam board, the secret that has you riddled with guilt shame, fear, and degradation for so long.

I have posted mine to give you an example. By sharing your story, you will inspire others to share theirs and to help them heal. We have kept the silence too long. This has protected the perpetrator and all those around the one who raped and sodomized us as a child. This traumatic event has affected every aspect of our lives and we cannot fully heal until we let go of the secrets.

It’s Time! You are no longer alone! Please show your support for others and support them on this courageous step. By speaking up, you take the power away from the perpetrator, and the secrets we were forced to hold in silence will tumble like a house of cards. Your voice is more powerful than you think! You matter more than you know! Today we stand together to say “No More Silence!” “This Is Not Our Generation!” Today, we will not stand by in indifference and say nothing, or stand idly by and do nothing. We will do what we should have been doing all along; Believing our children, Standing Up For Our Children; and Fighting For Our Children!!

Please send your videos, wherever you are from, to facsasavethechildren@hotmail.com

We need help promoting this event and will need volunteers at the University of Florida, Saturday, April 23, 2016, from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., in the William and Nancy Oliver Gallery Room. There we will exhibit other art, videos, music, dance, poetry, theatrics, etc.

I consider, “Child Sexual Assault The Last Great Frontier” and Together, we are a mighty force which will make great change this year!

Thank you for joining us and the FACSA Foundation Revolution!

Connie Lee/FACSAFoundation.org/President/Founder


318.540.4464    https://youtu.be/-2qYGSiMZYU


2) The second video project:

1) PLEASE SEND YOUR STORY, FROM WHEREVER YOU ARE, TO facasasavethechildren@hotmail.com.

We will be gathering stories to share at the William and Nancy Oliver Gallery Saturday, April 23rd with show times of 9am – 6pm, University of South Florida

One story has power and stands tall, like a domino, but as we align together, we gain momentum, and become an indomitable force!

Connie Lee/Founder/President/FACSAFoundation.org




3) We are taking the two Facebook petitions we have listed below on a national stage. We have requested ambassadors in all 50 states to join us, gather petitions signatures, volunteers, and help us collaborate to pass these bills in each state, collaborating with those who may be working on the same project.

We have a lot to do. I will be posting an organized list of who to reach in each state. Thank you for your help.


To help with signatures you can download the petition and pass it around your community and state, email it to a friend, share it with your social club, or on your social network. I will provide a sample letter to reach out to your local representative.

Thank you.

Connie Lee/Founder/President/FACSAFoundation.org



I look forward to working with you and meeting you. Talk to you soon.












                                            REVEALING THE TRUTH



Back in 2012, we took on a case where a young woman was sodomized by a couple of local cops. An on duty police officer called an off duty police officer, to come to the police station so they could take a female prisoner in the local jail, out for a few unlogged minutes, to be sodomized; who was she to tell right? The current police chief Will Lynd, asked her to talk to the local police chaplain and not tell anyone, knowing she had an IQ in the 70’s.  I can speak of this case, which I don’t speak of other cases because they involve children. I can speak of this adult case. She came to us, the FACSAFoundation.org and we obtained a pro-bono attorney for her. She won her case suing the city and the local police department. When we picked up the case, the on duty cop was still working, and they let him go when they learned we obtained an attorney for her. The cop who sodomized her got a year’s probation.

This was not my first run in with this corrupt police department. I fell in 1998 at the local International Paper Plant and shattered my wrist, damaging the nerves. Rumors spread around our small town that I was on illicit drugs. I called the police chief then, Ronnie Coleman, and offered to take a drug test, but he would not hear of it. He knew I was a Christian woman, quoted me a scripture, then said, “We will see.” He instead had my board member, Maggie Haskins, continually going through my cabinets looking for drugs, asking if I ever had ever been on cocaine or heroin, over and over; regardless of how many times I said no.  Later, I began private sitting with Chief Lynd’s grandparents. When I first began, on one of my first nights I stayed over, I had to leave to drive my step-mother to the doctor; then return to drive the Willie and Elaine to the doctor. When I left, I passed, Ronnie came by waving very friendly, which I thought was very odd. When I returned, he passed me again and had the usual unfriendly wave. I wondered what was up? I checked my bags and all the hair was out of my brush. I did not say anything, but later heard Willie ask Butch, was she? Butch shook his head no. They knew I was not on drugs but had already made complete asses of themselves and invested so much time, they had to prove something.

When I returned from the beginning of the first Shattering The Silence Tour and Documentary Project Tour for the Christmas Break, I would walk around the walking trail behind the senior center. Each morning, a police officer Rex was there. I just thought he normally walked, until I told him I was heading back on the road. I did not see him Thursday. Instead, when I went to the local library, Ronnie Leonard, from the Sheriff’s Department, came in interrogating everyone about a complaint someone made about someone selling drugs there, and everyone was looking at me. I don’t know what the hell they are looking at, but I will be damned if I let them set me up. I left early the next morning. http://www.ktbs.com/story/29033202/video-surfaces-of-alleged-webster-parishinmate-abuse


I came back in February 2014 off of the tour, to care for my ailing step-mother, which enabled her to stay in her home. She had a granddaughter who was bi-polar, a black belt in karate, and on drugs, constantly taking her grandmothers meds. She called it swapping out. It talked to my step-brother, Ron Keene, but he said, no one can deal with her because she is deadly volatile. When her grandmother, did not give her meds, she stole them. I hid them for a while, until the fateful day her grandmother decided to give her some more meds. She came early for them because her underage boyfriend, had not urinated in two days and was in pain. They did not have insurance to carry him to the ER, so she stopped by to get meds from her grandmother. She tried twice to get me to hand them to her and I refused to do it.

She walked out the door and we thought she left. I had my back to the door, when I heard her voice and turned around. By the time I turned around, she had blacked my eye, bloodied my nose, and had me on the floor with my arm twisted over my head. She finally got off of me and started yelling at me to leave because she has power of attorney. I walked in to pack and she told me I better run. I told her I am not running, but I am packing. I went to the clinic the next day to have my hand checked and nothing was broken. I packed, with the neighbor’s help, and left a message with my step-brother for him to pick up his mother. I moved to MO to care for my own mother. It wasn’t until a couple of days later that the swelling in my shoulder set in. I had to have tendons in my shoulder repaired where she ripped it up. The worst part was, at the time I was under a doctor’s care because I was in acute renal failure when she jumped me.

She said she was mad because she was tired of me telling her what to do, like when I told her to carry her boyfriend to the ER. Quite frankly, she tried to get me to hand her the medication again, and I think she was angry because she couldn’t set me up. I don’t think she beat me up on her on accord, even though she has been known to get that mad and have fights; and here is why I say this.  Back in 2013, before I went back out on the summer part of the Shattering The Silence Tour and Documentary Project, I was getting gas at a local gas station, Sonny’s. When I went in to pay for the gas, I hear this irate man, yelling behind me, “SHUT UP! SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!” I turned around to see who was talking to someone else, because I know they weren’t talking to me like that. But, yes this belligerent person was Sheriff’s Deputy Jerry Moore, who was doing all this yelling. I asked him who he thought he was yelling at like that; and he said, “You.” I said shut up, quit talking, and quit running your mouth.”  HHMM. I don’t know who the hell he thinks he is, but this ain’t gonna fly. He went on to tell me, “I better not tell people how we treated you.” There you have it! I just smiled and left. So no, I think the Springhill Police Department is behind my attack and all the other things they have done here. I tried to call back and press charges and got a Gwenn gave reason after reason, why I shouldn’t.

I want to tell you now; you cannot beat me up to shut me up! I am not my mother! She let men beat on her until she lost her mind, leaving her children to live a life of abuse and neglect. The names you call me, will not change the truth, or your indiscretions.  Today, I want the truth to be told. The citizens of Springhill deserve a better community.  Going along to get along, will never make a progressive future for your children. We can no longer afford to turn away in indifference.  While some may discount what I say is true, I have told you the truth. Just as I spoke the truth when I told you my ex raped our four-year-old daughter giving her gonorrhea, which only comes from a warm, wet, sexually atmosphere, not as a towel as Dr. Charles Hunsinger and his then attorney John Slattery proposed. According to Dr. Rose Bruette, at LSU Genealogical Pediatrics Control Disease Center, she said once it hits a towel and in the air, it dies, and cannot be transmitted this way; but this evidence was not allowed

This is not in the past, because it still affects now, for my granddaughters have shown signs of abuse.

When I raised my concerns and reported it, my children sided with their pedophile father, and continue to hand their daughters on a silver platter. They said I am no longer a part of the family! My heart breaks a million times over! Yes, I did report it to the local police, but nothing was done. I reported it to the CPS, which I had to prove that I was a mandated reporter. Maybe, they too, didn’t like to see they were wrong the first time. When they saw it was not my brother who committed the crime, they lost interest and told they did not have the time and resources to pursue the case. This is the same thing they told Daniel Alford, whose daughter died.


I am speaking up for my grandchildren to look back and see not everyone turned away in indifference; that not everyone who says, “I love you, wants to use you and abuse you!” I want them to know we are out here fighting for them! We want children to grow up in a safer world and break the multi-generational abuse of child sexual assault, which is the last great frontier to fight! I want them to know not to cower to abusers, bullies, intimidators, liars, manipulators, gaslighters. What is gaslighting? Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse the abuser uses to make the victim second guess themselves. The abuser or abusers, which can be family or coworkers, will use terms like, “You’re crazy – that never happened.” “It’s all in your head or you have a bad memory.” They will also move things around and hide things from you to make you feel like you are losing your mind.

Many times our families are destroyed from the enemy within. While families like to think this would never happen in our family, it happens more frequently than people imagine. It is up to us to protect our children, and not turn away in indifference because we like our standard of living. Our children are counting on us to protect them. The harm that rape, sodomy, and fondling, does to a child is damage that last a lifetime. Pedophiles, look like the average normal person next door. They serve in all walks of life, from a small house to the white house; all of which destroy our families, and leave a carnage, our children may never recover from. It may seem I can only pray for deliverance for my family, but I know I can do more.  I will fight like hell for them!

Please help us fight for all families by signing the petitions for No Statute of Limitations and Free DNA Testing and Processing for All Children of Sexual Assault. We need ambassadors and volunteers to help us present the bills before each state representatives before April to pass the bills on a unified front. Thank you for your assistance. You can reach me below.

Connie Lee/Founder/President/FACSAFounder.org