April 25, 2015 Is A Pedophile and Sexual Predator Holiday


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Alice Day is a Pedophile and Sexual Predator holiday.
Although they pose a constant threat to children 365 days a year, they have designated this day, usually April 25, to celebrate the molestation and rape of little girls. Pedophiles/Predators/Child rapists go out in full force to events held for children, parks, child-centered establishments, acquiring photographs, information, and personal contact with children.
here are a few posts of the subject….stay alert for your children.
The FACSA Foundation and Daimon Glenn are partnering  to  counteract  this day with  sharing the  stories of survivors, art, music, dance, film, poetry,  writing, photography, and  other forms of art to express the pain we have endured so long; to give power to the voices who have been silent for so long. Please join us for this special ground breaking event at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1537300353197139/
It is by  the expression of art of the survivor that will release the  shame, degradation, fear, and pain, survivor’s have held so long. They can finally sing from their hearts, “We are free! Thank God we are free at last” For in sharing their stories, they  have shattered the silence  and secrecy, and the power the perpetrator has  had over them, tumbles like a house of cards. This will be painful for many because family and friends may not want  shame brought to the family,, loss of income, or having to deal with the problem of child sexual assault, which they have denied for so long.

This is no longer our generation! Today, we stand and shout, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and “WE WILL BE SILENT NO MORE” Today, I pass this baton on to you, for the children are counting on you!

We are not just asking for people to share their stories and art. We are giving people the chance to be heard and to heal. By sharing their stories, they are inspiring others to share theirs and heal, as well. In doing so, we have to educate the educators. We have to provide more sentencing and enforce the laws we have. We need to restructure the judicial and mental health systems and design better programs to meet the current needs of survivors of trauma. We all have trauma in our lives, whether we are survivor’s of sexual assault, veterans, law enforcement, or living every day life. We will have to provide funding for judicial and mental health programs to provide a better society and safer environments to children. Your voice is more powerful than you can imagine. Together, we can move mountains.

Connie Lee/Founder/President/FACSAFoundation.org