New Years Resolutions vs Life Changing Goals


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                                   HAPPY NEW YEAR!     


When is the last time you can say you were truly happy and laughter was an everyday occurrence for your life? When was the last time you tried something new, for the first time, which excited every cell of your being, and your eyes lit up like a Christmas tree? For many, is has been too long! While making more money will make most people happy, it really isn’t money that buys happiness. People who acquire wealth find it just makes them more selfish and a bigger scrooge, or it makes your generous nature shine, from the more people you will be able to bless.


What people long for is the respect, admiration, acceptance, and love they believe they will receive from money. When you buy the bigger house, fancier car, or the latest gadgets, you are making a statement about yourself, your life, and your spending habits.  What we most desire is to learn to truly live, rather merely exist. We want to know our lives mattered and we have made a difference in the lives of others. We want our legacy to be one of value in this world!


When I began the Shattering The Silence Tour and Documentary Project, I left home with a meager savings and stepped out in faith, that I was following a vision. Every time funds were low, God always provided a donation. God never said we would be successful, but commands us to step out in faith. You want everyone to love your work and appreciate all the blood sweat, and tears, associated with the journey, but let’s face it, you live in a cruel world. You just have to give it your best and let people perceive it as they well. Never listen to the opinions of naysayers; especially those who have never fulfilled their own dreams. They are usually comfortable having you in the same state of mind they are in, miserable and broke.



Survivors have been told most of their life, in one form or another that their lives do not matter. They have been told in one form or another, that they are a reject, unwanted, unloved, only to be used, abused, neglected, sold, raped, and murdered. For those of you who did not commit suicide and are still struggling every day, I want to thank you for hanging in there. I commend you for forging ahead and making a difference in the world around you, so others will not have to endure the pain you have been through. You are wanted, you are loved, you matter, and your voice has more power than you can imagine! If you have been trying to succeed and make your audacious goal happen, I recommend making a mind map on a piece of paper; or on your computer. Simply, place your picture in the middle; draw a line and at the end, write your goals you would like to achieve; it is best to do this as a spider web, because people are complex and they like to achieve different goals at the same time. Now, write A,B,C, and so on, as steps to reach this goal; then break down each step it takes to achieve this step into what you need to do, who do you need to contact, what do you need to learn, and the money you need to raise. Do not focus on all the steps it takes to get there, but focus only on A, until it is completed, before you move on to B. Before you know it, you are further along than when you started, and you have to finish, because you have come too far to quit now.  I would suggest working each day, on two small goals, while working on your big audacious goal. Just make sure you spend time each day on each goal, and  that you complete your goal. We build our confidence when we accomplish goals and we feel like we have failed when we do not commit to the challenge of finishing the goal. Make sure the goal is realistic and attainable.

The New Year brings promise and hope for a better tomorrow. It is a chance to get it right or to achieve the impossible dream, even though we know previous resolutions are trampled in the mud and snow within a few short months. I challenge you to go for the big audacious goal this year. You have waited a long time, promising yourself you will achieve your dream when the timing is right, when there is enough money, or “Someday”.  Today is the day my friend! If not now, then when?

If you need to make money for the dream you have for you and your family, David Drews from, Renegade University, has over 80 money making tips for you.

Tony Robbins published a book called “Money Mastery” which is an excellent resource on building a nest egg from nothing, despite your age and saving money on fees for investing.



I look forward to hearing about your accomplishments. You can write me at and share your progress. With enough submissions, we can include them in the magazine. Survivors of sexual assault and human trafficking have overcome many obstacles to achieve what they have in life. We would love to share your success, to inspire others. I wish you many blessings for 2015! Happy New Year from the


THE LAND OF UNFULFILLED DREAMS  and EXCUSES.  Don’t let your dreams die with you! Photo By Connie Lee

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