Child Sexual Assault- A Multi=Generational Epidemic


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       Child Sexual Assault- A Multi-Generational Epidemic 


*Children are molested every four seconds before the age of 18: *One out of three girls *One out of six boys *90% never disclose

 While you may see and are afraid of child predators you see caught in the news, 90% are still living in our communities, at work, in our businesses, in our churches, etc.; for they are generally not some stranger on the street, but a trusted member of our community, our neighborhoods, and our families. Many would deny that would happen in their family, but they do so at the peril of the children, and the future of their mental health.

False reports are quickly discounted, so believe them when they tell you. Many, however, will not disclose, because their lives have been threatened, or the lives of those they love. It is usually when they reach a safe zone, such as graduating and moving away, or running away from home, before they feel safe enough to talk to someone.

I have heard people say they do not see it much in their area. Maybe, it is because you choose not to, for we see it every day in an angry society, with school shootings, children killing parents, high rates of suicides, prostitution, and self-mutilation, due to the anger, self-loathing, and guilt of the sexual assault which happened to them.

Human trafficking is a 32 Billion dollar profit industry, happening all around you. I 20 is a major hub for human trafficking. According to American University’s, Laura Hadsner, the United States produces 50% of all global porn; that is using our children from our communities an our homes. Predators gain access by babysitting, taking your kid’s to special events, money, drugs, marrying into single families, or being a part of the family, etc.

Of all known child abuse domains, 58 percent are housed in the United States (Internet Watch Foundation. Annual Report, 2008).

I have been all across the U.S.A. and Canada, survivors, regardless of their age, young or old, all want to know two things: 1) Why did someone not speak up and say something? 2) Why did someone not intervene and stand up for me? Regardless of years of trauma, these are the things that haunt them most, is the betrayal of people who were supposed to protect them and did nothing. What is more horrific, is people the good people who know, and do not want to get involved; thus saying and doing nothing. This I how sexual assault of children, has become a multi-generational epidemic!

We are no longer a generation that can hand down this kind of legacy. It is time we stand up to say “Enough Is Enough”! Join us at as we are creating a paradigm shift by getting survivors to share their stories, for their healing and to inspire others; filming a documentary on the latest healing modalities, and most effective counseling techniques, for everyone has to deal with trauma; and conducting research to help us serve our communities more effectively.

Each year there is over 3 million reports of child abuse and neglect, involving over 6 million children. 5 children die a day due to neglect and abuse. 70% that die are under the age of 4. If you know someone who may be abused or sexually assaulted, these are some of the signs to watch for and who to call. The children are counting on you.

Warning Signs of Sexual Assault:

  • Physical cuts and bruises
  • Genital tears, bleeding, or STD’s
  • Emotional trauma
  • Anger
  • Self-loathing
  • Harming self
  • Cutting
  • Suicide
  • Drug use
  • Inappropriate age related sexual knowledge
  • Nightmares, crying, bed wetting after they have overcome that stage,
  • Fear of perpetrator, certain place, or things These are just a few. Please call your local law enforcement, cps, or 1.800.656.4673 or 1.800.4ACHILD


You can Connie Lee/ for assistance at 318.540.4464. We provide pro-bono attorneys and counselors for children of sexual assault and their families. We give them guidance and resources to make it through the healing process. We also, provide community education and prevention of child sexual assault and human trafficking prevention through our programs.